1969 Customer Service Gummiwerke Fulda, Kassel
After technical training, start into “Sales”; first contacts
to key account customers.

1972 Head of Subsidiary Gummiwerke Fulda, Berlin
First experiences in executive functions; subsidiary – 25th in the ranking list in 1972 – becomes 3rd of the 27 subsidiaries in 1974.

1974 Assist. Sales Manager CeWeColor AG, Oldenburg
Intensifying leadership know-how. Coordinating and managing Delivery Services. Establishing operations in south-west Germany.

1976 Regional Sales Manager AMWAY GmbH, Gräfelfing (Munich)
Direct Selling start-up at Amway GmbH– began its German operations in fall ’75! Establishing plus training, coaching and guiding of field sales force in northern Germany. 

1979 National Sales Manager AMWAY GmbH, Germering (Munich)
National responsibility as Sales Manager; training, coaching and guiding of leadership.
1982: 200.000 distributors, 100 million turnover.
Sales Manager AMWAY Schweiz AG – starting its operations in 1980.

1982 Sales Director SHAKLEE Deutschland, Munich
Developing complete concept for Germany, establishing and expanding field sales force, incl. their training, coaching and guiding.

Sports sponsorship.

First Direct Selling company in Germany specialized in food supplements – becomes the most successful market in the Shaklee history.

1986 CEO SILIT Schweiz AG, Menzingen (Zug) CH
Establishing and expanding the Swiss sales force for selling cooking utensils via party-system. Overall responsibility.


1987 CEO SILIT Vertriebs Ges.m.b.H., Feldkirch, Austria
Establishing complete new field sales force for selling via party-system, incl. realization of up to 22 personal  parties/month. Overall responsibility.

1988 Managing Partner Durotherm Vertriebs GmbH, Lindau
Development and realization of distribution concept; establishing Administration and Logistics. Establishing new sales force for selling cooking utensils via party-system. Self-employed entrepreneur with overall responsibility.

1995 Entrepreneur Consultant Wiegand-Consulting
Introducing companies into Direct Selling Business. Consultant to pace setting Direct Selling companies; Coaching, staff consulting; Acquisition/merger of companies. In 1999 honoured as best management consultancy by trade journal “Network Press”