My today’s services for you all originate from areas I not only drafted but also practized personally, making my mistakes but also gathered my experiences and enjoyed successes.

Usually, my job is literally defined as “Companies’ Consultant”. However, I realized very soon that I can’t be a consultant for companies but only for people who are or want to become entrepreneurs. So I chose the term “Entrepreneur Consultant”. Vive la différence!

 My services cover the following four areas:

  • Staff recruiting and/or -consulting.
    Hundreds of interview partners defined their personal plans and goals, resulting in finding the most various companies! 
  • General advisory service for companies in the Direct Selling Business.
    Having established and expanded companies for many years, I am not only familiar with the challenges involved but with the corresponding solutions as well.  
  • Negotiation of companies.
    In classic sense, this means the support in “Mergers and Acquisitions”. Since I have been familiar with the market for years now, and am pursuing any relevant developments, I can name you companies interested in either taking a share in other firms or in their acquisition and/or transfer respectively.     
  • Start-ups, concepts and establishing new companies.
    This service not only refers to companies in their set-up phase but also in their decision to no longer distribute their products only via stationary market but under second label via Direct Selling Business as well.