Since 1988 I’m not only familiar with pains and problems but as well with the highlights of entrepreneurship in Direct Selling Business. From my own experience I know quite well that the personal horizon is often limited to the individual company. Too much involved in daily business, you don’t take your time to already recognize and tackle any first signs of challenges and turnover threats. 

To then have an experienced coach at your side ensures objectivity and thus fast and efficient solutions!

My job as employed Sales Manager was just the same than that of a self-employed leader and so I know the times when you do your very best to by all means find enough new business partners and/or stabilize the sales figures.

Believe it or not, but you’ll face the most dangerous situation when the company is really booming, because that’s the moment when most mistakes are made. Negative situations are always analysed and scrutinized very fast – however only rarely investigated why the company is/was booming.

In this situation I can provide my help and advice as well!