When in the 50s the Fisslers discovered high-grade steel as material for saucepans and offered this new product to the market, it was rejected. So Fissler, convinced by the quality of high-grade steel for this product, got an experienced salesman for saucepans via party-system from the US and founded the Alpha Metal Corporation.

The competitors brushed it all aside as “crazy Americans, wanting to sell saucepans via their party-system.” AMC, however, experienced an incredibly triumphant progress, reached after only some years in Germany a market share of 20% and thus higher sales than the Fissler GmbH itself!

So many companies having sold so far only via their stationary distribution channel, are today using the Direct Selling Business for additional turnover, thus ensuring a better margin combined with a considerably higher risk diversification.

Here I can offer you my know-how as well – a step always worth its consideration!