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Internationally Formed Entrepreneurial Personality
with proven success in business-building, re-structuring and restoration to profitability looking for new entrepreneurial challenge in middle-sized company of consumer goods industry, partnership also welcomed.
Special competence in developing new markets/distribution channels by new distribution concepts. e.g. building up a Direct Selling organization, TV direct selling as well as personnel- and video-promotion in the market.
Male, 46 yrs., 15 years of experience in classic Direct Selling.
Manager Marketing and Promotional Campaigns in Direct Selling
would like to give company a boost when launching new products. Commitment above-average. Working method always goal-oriented, conscientious and reliable. Motivation for utmost professionalism balanced by effort and benefit.
During the last years, the big know-how in dealing with all kinds of media and IT has resulted in extraordinary successes concerning marketing activities for product sales and/or gaining new distributors.
Male, 43 yrs., 12 years marketing- and media experience.
3 years Network Marketing.
Committed and Reliable Executive
with many years of experience and a lot of success in sales looking for new challenge as Sales Manager or CEO.
High sense of responsibility in planning and personnel guidance combined with distinct determination to succeed.
Starting from the scratch as a distributor in the field practicing all basic activities of a Direct Selling company, this candidate has continuously built a successful career – from Regional Manager, Sales Manager up to CEO.
Female, 51 yrs., 21 years of experience in classic Direct Selling.
CEO Direct Selling International
Result focussed executive with strong concentration on business, customers and distributors. Positive thinker, motivation featured, systematic worker; top planning and communicative skills, with excellent knowledge of languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish) looking for new challenge.
Experienced in developing new markets, guiding big Direct Selling organizations as well as restoration to profitability and re-structuring of companies.
International job targeted.
Male, 42 yrs., 12 years of experience classic Direct Selling.
Director/Senior Vice President Direct Selling Business
looking for management position in a internationally active top-brand company. Preferred in consumer goods industry with Direct Selling activities. Leading position with overall responsibility combined with strong focus on development of new distribution systems, new products and innovative market handling.
Result-oriented, courageous and creative personality with international distribution- and marketing-expertise, striving to continuously further develop and improve the status quo. Market- and customer-orientated type of entrepreneur, early recognizing trends, converting them into concepts, realizing them and thus creating an increase in value for the company.
Forceful personality, strong in leadership with the ability to lead people of different interests to entrepreneurially joint success.
Male, 50 yrs., 22 years of experience in classic Direct Selling.


To increase its international activities, multi-national Network Marketing company looking for Regional Sales Managers/Europe
Several years of experience in Direct Selling Business, preferably in MLM.
Ready for intensive travel activities.
Negotiation proved English, second foreign language desired.
Well-versed in organizational and administrational challenges.
Previous knowledge in economics.
Experienced in seminars.
In distributional charge for several foreign subsidiaries.
Support for the foreign subsidiaries regarding all distributional, personnel and organizational issues.
Building up Distribution Services and Administration in the individual countries.
Building up new subsidiaries in European and non-European foreign countries.
Realization of seminars with local sales force.