In 2008, 65 million people in the Direct Selling Business generated worldwide 114 billion US $. The Direct Selling Business’ development always reflects/reflected the situation in the job market: The more decrease in job security, the more people had and have to look for an additional income to maintain their standards of life.

In this situation the Direct Selling Business with its many advantages – no previous knowledge required, equal opportunities etc. – represents a real alternative to other part-time jobs, at only little cost even provides the step into self-employment respectively!

So especially in economically difficult times, the Direct Selling Business experiences enormous growth rates.

People in the Direct Selling Business worldwide in million

As Network Marketing shows a considerably lower turnover/distributor than the classic Direct Selling Business (e.g. party-system), and more and more companies set themselves up in Network Marketing, sales trends and growth rates of business partners in the Direct Selling Business don’t experience the same dynamic development.

Direct Selling Business turnover worldwide in US $