The future of Direct Selling looks just great, since not only in the States but also in Europe more and more people find themselves obliged to look for an additional job in order “to make ends meet”. In this situation the Direct Selling Business actually offers an absolutely prime chance, because it
  • can be practized part-time as well as a full-time;
  • doesn’t request big investments;
  • even allows step into self-employment.
Though there is hardly a product today, you’ll not find (as well) in the Direct Selling Business, the range of products is nevertheless unlimited, because more and more companies, so far restricting their activities to the stationary market, are pushing into the Direct Selling Business. It’s here they find attractive margins, i.e. it’s here there are not only a few key account customers (chains!) dominating the market/pricing structure, but hundreds or even thousands of business partners distributing their products. Direct Selling Business, of course, benefits as well more and more of today’s media as an administrative support to
  • faster and more efficiently cope with daily order volume,
  • allow customers to order directly – while assigning the commission/distributor!