There is nothing of more permanence than a change! So far the saying… and it proves true for every company as well as for people and their world of employment.

With regard to a successful future for both parties, I’ll initiate the desired and/or advisable change professionally and in due responsibility.

Decisions re staff situation always show far-reaching implications. The right decisions result in an enormous impulse of motivation, because there is nothing more motivating than success!

In case of wrong decisions the company has not only to face high costs but the people involved have to solve severe problems as well!

 Knowing now from my daily work most of the leaders – employed or self-employed – I dispose of an extensive file of candidates, part of them I’ve been accompanying for years already.

Fact: There is the right person for each and every position.

My staff research is effected in the open as well as in the covered job market – and, of course, in due discretion!

In addition, the candidates’ aptitude can also be tested according to LIFO, a method not only revealing the strong and weak points in their qualification but also reflecting any kind of human aspects.